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Tiny Champs
5-6 Years Old

5-6 Year Old (Tiny Champs)

Our Tiny Champs program focuses on developing a strong foundation of life skills for young students. Our instructors conduct class through fundamental martial arts techniques, which also introduce and help develop motor skills and physical coordination. It is our goal to develop young martial artists through quality life skills as we explain, teach, and practice in an easy way for young minds to understand. We believe the building blocks of focus, discipline, self-control, and good manners are integral for children to learn early and practice often.

Champions in Training
7-12 Years Old

7-12 Years Old (Champions in Training)

Our Champions in Training class is  where students will learn learn self-defense through our art of Kenpo supplemented by Boxing and Kickboxing. Students will learn how to defend themselves from common attacks in a fun and safe environment. Students our challenged mentally and physically to help shape them into a strong individual while still acquiring life skills. These Champs in Training will learn how to train how to become Champions on and off the mat.

Teens/Adults Class
13 Years Old +

13+ Years Old Teens/Adults Class

Our Teen/Adult program goal is to help shape each student and help prepare them for the rigorous uphill battle we call life. We believe in the 3 D’s of Discipline, Determination, and Dedication. These 3 life skills are important in our everyday lives and we feel it’s important to exercise these qualities on the mat. Our vision is to empower our young adults with self-esteem and confidence so they can lead a healthy teenage/adult life and make positive decisions.

Boxing Fundamentals
13 Years Old +

Boxing Fundamentals (13 Years old and Up)

 Boxing class is to teach the core fundamentals of the Sweet Science. Training consists of hitting mitts, punching bags, foot work drills, as well as cardio and strength and conditioning. 

Sport Karate
7 Years Old and Up


Sport Karate is for those who want to compete in open martial arts tournaments at the local, national, and international level. We compete in point fighting and continuous fighting. Classes are to help each student develop a winning attitude along with sportsmanship and dedication. We have developed numerous local and national champions throughout our past and will continue to develop them. 

5-6 Years Old Tiny Champs
7-12 Years Old Champions in Training
13 Years Old and Up
Boxing Fundamentals
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